shake it off

fall: wears hoodies
winter: wears hoodies
spring: wears hoodies with sleeves rolled up
summer: turns up ac and wears hoodies
me: should i make a sarcastic comment or not
People: OMG, I can't wait for Halloween sdjfhsgfjvfwajfhoshlkanfksfkbksd.
Me: OMG, Taylor Swift's album qahffkabfkgbksdsjbdgkbabflabbafb.


ah, yes, october …. leaves falling from the trees .. pumpkin flavoured everything ….. crisp chilly mornings …….. taylor swift fans losing their shit … warm fuzzy gloves and scarves …..


if you’re neurotypical your opinion on self diagnosis literally does not matter



we’re here, we’re queer, we’re kinda tired and don’t really want to go to class



why do old people drive slow they barely have any time left like GOOOOO ur dying

do you ever just feel really irrelevant?

Brain teasers for egalitarians/equalists. →



Say I’m 32 years old and you’re 22 years old.

In how many years will we be the same age?

Silly question, right? If you define aging as a process that stops at death, the only way we’ll ever be the same age is if I die first. If you don’t, then we’ll…

Inga by The Noisy Plume on Flickr.


My foster babies, 8 being born on 17.8, and two adopted babies born a week earlier. They’re growing and making a giant kittypile!


Seen and heard from so many people feeling shit about their fourth/final years already for whatever reason and just look after yourselves yeah education is less important than your wellbeing okay 😘


shout out to female teachers that are verbally sexually harassed like every day by annoying students